Varicose veins: causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

compression underwear for varicose veins

Today, varicose veins are a very common disease. That is why many different methods have been invented to implement preventive measures and eliminate problems.

Among the non-drug treatment methods is the medical anti-varicose compression stocking. Such a jersey for varicose veins is usually made of specialized fibers. It has very high strength and stretches very well. Thanks to the compression effect on the surface of the leg, it is possible to prevent the walls of the vein veins from further stretching. In addition to this constant compression effect, it improves the outflow of venous blood and lymph from the extremities. Blockage of the blood is the main cause of painful traction pain in the lower extremities, especially when performing various tasks.

Elastic anti-varicose medical socks are indicated in case of illness, as a preventive measure. Depending on the purpose of using the knitted device, several options for socks can be distinguished:

  • Preventive medical jersey. They have a slight degree of compression and are intended for preventive measures.
  • Medical compression stockings against varicose veins. This version of anti-varicose compression stockings is intended for the treatment of various forms of varicose veins. Medicinal anti-varicose stockings are considered to be the second and higher compression ratio.

Why are medical compression stockings against varicose veins effective in treating the disease?

To achieve results in the elimination of varicose veins, it is necessary to use complex treatment methods. Elastic medical socks for varicose veins are one of the methods of complex treatment, together with special preparations, they allow you to feel lightness in the legs, get rid of the manifestations of varicose veins. Of course, it all depends on the stage of disease development. Since serious pathological changes in the deep veins appear, it is necessary to resort to surgical methods of treatment. In this case, varicose socks can not help treat the disease.

To prevent the appearance of varicose veins in the case of such a predisposition, anti-varicose medical elastic stockings with a mild degree of compression can be used. In this case, it is imperative to consider what kind of lifestyle you lead. Because socks are not a suitable option for more active people. The medical anti-varicose compression jersey in the shape of a golf is more suitable for an active lifestyle. This version of underwear assumes an active lifestyle, allows you to move, does not interfere with movement.

Medical compression stockings against varicose veins can be used to remove the effects of varicose veins. Among them, the presence of edema of the legs can be distinguished, as well as a weak outflow of venous blood. To suppress these manifestations, it is necessary to use elastic medical compression stockings above the second degree of compression. In this case, the doctor should choose anti-varicose compression stockings. Because only on the basis of the results of the analyzes it is possible to clearly determine the compression ratio option.

What should be considered when choosing compression stockings against varicose veins?

When choosing medical elastic socks for varicose veins, be sure to follow the manufacturer's labels. For example, in the case of a recommendation for the use of a compression garment of the second degree of compression, it is necessary to ask your doctor about the values in millimeters of mercury. Because it is this value that enables the assessment of the actual degree of compression of the walls of the legs with elastic knitwear. Some manufacturers use different metrics when classifying products according to compression ratios. Therefore, for different knitwear, this indicator, with the same amount of pressure on the packaging, may in reality differ.

Medical compression stockings must be selected according to size. Usually the manufacturer offers a table of sizes for medical elastic underwear. Based on the measurement of the circumference of the lower leg and thigh, you can determine the version of the product. Compression stockings against varicose veins must fit perfectly. Excessive compression will cause discomfort during the use of the product, and too little pressure will not allow to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Elastic stockings made of varicose veins allow you to prevent the development of the disease. However, it will not be possible to restore the legs. Therefore, it is necessary to use other medical methods of treating varicose veins in order to achieve more noticeable results.

Why is underwear for varicose veins effective?

The effectiveness of compression stockings against varicose veins is manifested due to the presence of elastic fibers in their composition. Elastic fibers allow the walls of the legs to tighten, together with the walls of the blood vessels. Due to the stretching of the walls of the blood vessels, they dilate. Thus, varicose blood is constantly retained and circulates poorly in the limbs. In addition, there are various symptoms of varicose veins, for example, swelling of the legs and heaviness. Anti-varicose knitwear allows you to create moderate pressure on the walls of blood vessels to improve blood circulation. First, microcirculation improves. Tissues are better saturated with nutrients they previously lacked.

Second, when using elastic knitted stockings from varicose veins, the pressure is distributed from the bottom up. This allows you to effectively squeeze the venous blood, preventing stagnation. A similar thing happens with lymphoma. Therefore, edema disappears using this method of treating varicose veins.

Medical compression stockings help in the postoperative period, because the walls of the veins can be stretched again. Due to the moderate compression effect of the elastic material, it is possible to avoid the recurrence of varicose veins.

The preventive effect comes down to preventing the walls of the veins from stretching due to moderate compression.