Neoveris Buy in Pharmacy

Many customers are interested in whether it is possible to buy Neoveris gel for varicose veins in a pharmacy in Romania and where to find it.

Why Neoveris gel is not available in the pharmacy

The gel is sold only on the official website - this is the company's policy. This is due to the fact that pharmacy chains add their sales margin to the price of goods, as a result, the cost increases 2-3 times. Since varicose veins are a chronic disease, long-term use of the gel is recommended in order to fully restore the normal tone of the veins and vessels of the lower extremities. Considering the pharmacist's margin, the price of a course of treatment would be too high for customers.

The manufacturer's mission is to make treatment and prevention available to everyone who has experienced varicose veins, regardless of their financial situation and place of residence. As a result, the decision was made to sell goods directly from the manufacturer's warehouse using their own website.

For this reason, Neoveris is not sold in pharmacies, however, you can order the product in minutes. To do this, fill in only two columns in the contact form on the page: enter your name and contact phone number. The manufacturer's representative will contact you and fill out the application.