Experience of use Neoveris

Marija from Berlin: "How I got rid of varicose veins without surgery"The first symptoms of varicose veins appeared at the age of 19. At that time, I spent a lot of time on my feet at work, by evening I was very tired, the capillaries on my sides burst. Already at the age of 25, bulging veins could be seen under the knees, and by the evening there was a strong burning sensation and the lower legs were very swollen. I changed jobs, started treatment, but the discomfort was still there every night. The doctor diagnosed the second stage of the disease and said that in a few years he was preparing for an operation. However, his predictions did not come true, because I came across Neoveris gel, which became my savior. I want to describe my experience of using it, maybe it will help other people to get rid of varicose veins forever.

What is Neoveris

Gel pack Neoveris

Neoveris is a natural gel for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins. The main ingredient of the composition is troxerutin, a well-studied drug for varicose veins. This is what bribed me, since the doctor prescribed troxerutin, and it is present in a high concentration in the Neoveris gel.

It was scary to order the drug on the site, because then I did not find a review, but everything arrived safe and sound. I filled out the form, they immediately called me, consulted about the product features and provided the delivery address. Picked up at the post office, paid for there - everything is correct. The gel arrived intact, not a drop fell out during transport.

How to use the gel

Instructions for use describe in detail how to use the gel. I applied to clean skin after showering in the morning and in the evening. Since my veins hurt in the evening, I didn't rub, but lightly clapped my fingers so that it would be absorbed faster. I didn't use any bandages.

The product is absorbed in about 5 minutes, you can immediately put on tights or jeans - the gel does not stain clothes. In the morning the effect is not felt, because after sleeping the legs do not hurt, but in the evening Neoveris became a real lifesaver. After work I ran home to use my gel as soon as possible. The effect is noticeable immediately, because after applying Neoveris it soothes the skin, burning and pain disappear immediately. Of course, I also threw my legs against the wall so that the swelling would go down faster and they would rest.

My score

My experience with Neoveris gel

I have been using Neoveris for a total of 6 weeks. The instructions say that the gel should be applied for 30 days, but I have a neglected case, so I decided to play it safe. In addition, the drug is safe, and my phlebologist approved the choice of drug.

So what happened in those 6 weeks:

  1. The evening burning and leg pain completely disappeared after about 10 days
  2. The thin network of broken capillaries on the thighs completely disappeared after a month
  3. The protruding vein on the leg has decreased by about 80%, that is, I can feel the seal with my fingers, but it is smaller and visually not noticeable at all
  4. The skin became softer, brighter, redness and peeling disappeared

The doctor said I don't need surgery!It is important to understand that varicose veins have not disappeared, but thanks to Neoveris they have shrunk and are no longer progressing.

Now you just need to stick to prevention: use compression socks during flights and sports, eat right and keep using Neoveris. For myself, I decided to apply the gel now every other day in the evening to keep my veins in good condition.